"Development Planning of the Territory" Directorate 

Primary goal: to assist the local government and local authorities in the preparation and approval of general site development plans.
"Development Planning of the Territory" Directorate assists the Minister of Investment Planning in implementation of state policy on spatial planning of the territory. 

The Directorate coordinates the activities of central and local executive authorities, local authorities and local administration associated with spatial planning, provides methodological guidance and support and monitors the enforcement of regulations in the field of spatial planning of the territory. Organizes and provides the activities of the National Expert Council on Investment Planning (NESIP) for consideration of draft general site development plans submitted for adoption, for consideration of draft detailed plans and their amendments and assists the Minister of Investment Planning in resolving the preparation, adoption and approval of detailed plans and their amendments for sites range up to an area designated by Council of Ministers for projects of national significance and / or national sites or construction of first and second category of indicative value of over 10 million BGN financed with public funds.