Ekaterina Zaharieva: Energy Renovation Fund provides a unique opportunity for the homeowners












The program for "Energy Renovation of Bulgarian Homes" provides a unique opportunity for homeowners and there is no reason to think this could be a risky project financed with European funds. This is the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Regional Development and Investment Planning Ekaterina Zaharieva's opinion expressed in a meeting with the Association of Home-Owner Societies where their participation in the "Energy Renovation of Bulgarian Homes" project was approved. The Deputy Prime Minister emphasized on the implementation of the program that has been unreasonably delayed in the last one year and stated that the lack of dialogue, transparency and information was the major reason for that. This discourages many people for applying and submitting their projects for the Energy Renovation program, said Ekaterina Zaharieva. She recalled that the last one year on her position of official Premier and Minister of Regional Development she was able to provide 75% of European grant and to establish a fund to cover 100% from the costs of lower income homeowners and this led to great interest to the program. However a year later there is still no progress on the procedures and the choice of designer, builder and project controller. Minister Zaharieva was clear that the team of Ministry of Regional Development under her leadership will make every effort to successfully complete the program. During the meeting it became clear that measures to expedite the process are already fact. It is expected the procedure for selection of designer and project control to be completed until September 10th and the contractors to be selected by September 20th. Up to date, there have been received over 380 applications from homeowners. Between the Ministry of Regional Development and the owners are signed 52 agreements to which the buildings are ready for planning and construction works.