Immediate steps for improvements in the investment environment are undertaken, said the Deputy Minister Mr. Georgi Savov

„We take immediate steps for assuring clear, predictable and favourable environment for the investments in the country. Our main task is - even in the short term perspective of this government - to bring order and clarity in the regulation acts of the Ministry of Regional Development and the Ministry of Investment Planning."

That explanation was given by the Deputy Minister of Investment Planning Mr. Georgi Savov during his initial meetings with the Bulgarian Construction Chamber, the Chamber of Engineers in the Investment Design, the Bulgarian Architects Union, the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria, the Chamber of Graduated Surveyors and the Surveyors Association.

With the representatives of the professional organizations Mr. Savov held a discussion about the current state of the construction sector. Together they identified the most urgent tasks needed for amendments in the regulation acts aiming improvements for the business climate in Bulgaria.