We need a common European policy on energy sector

The situation in Ukraine and its impact on the security of Europe was discussed at a meeting of the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Policy Ecatherina Zaharieva with Jacek Mihaylovski, Gundars Daudze and David Gil- chiefs of the Cabinet of the President of Poland, Latvia and Germany. Mrs Zaharieva expressed her concern about the strong dependence of Bulgaria on Russian natural gas and the risks to our country from a possible supply disruption from Russia. She pointed out that the losses that the country can bear amount to 200 million per month. Therefore it is necessary to work for greater coherence between Member States, building reversible interconnections and investments in the electricity grid with neighboring countries. The idea was discussed of ​​building a south-north corridor through a floating terminal for liquefied gas to Alexandroupolis as an alternative supply of natural gas through Bulgaria and Romania to the countries of the Visegrad Group. The participants at the meeting agreed on the need for a common European policy in the field of energy.

At the meeting a support was expressed for preserving the sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of Ukraine. The Deputy Prime Minister Zaharieva proposed to the participants of the meeting to share with the Ukrainian side the good experience of the Bulgarian National Association of Municipalities in the field of local government.

The focus was on the importance of civil society, small and medium sized businesses, local authorities, as well as on better coordination between Member States in this field.