One Year MIP

On August 9, the Ministry of Investment Planning will celebrate its first year. On this day in 2013 were adopted the Structural Regulations of MIP. 

The months from the start of 2014 so far are actually the first period in which the Ministry of Investment Planning works with a completely full team and fully realizes its budget program that reflects our vision, policies and priorities.
In less than a year MIP has made a significant progress in activities that were previously out of scope of the institutions but as a result of our intentional efforts are already close to modern realities and business expectations, experts, local authorities and generally - to the participants and analysts of investment processes in Bulgaria.

The Cadastre - a security ownership for the citizens and a guarantee for the investors

The Ministry of Investment Planning /MIP/ set as a priority the development of a unified cadastral map of the country, created a complete database for the cadastre and for employment in the Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Agency in the municipalities to provide access to cadastral data through a terminal connection , as a part of the policy of the electronic government. The establishment of cadastral and specialized maps is the basis for development of a Common Site Development Plan. /CSDP/ and Detailed Site Development Plan, which is a prerequisite for stimulating the housing market and improving the management of state and municipal property.
- Financial support in the amount of 10 million BGN for the Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Agency. 
- Formation of the concept of "Cadastre as a database".
- Organization and conduct of public procurement contracts amounting to 10 million BGN to complete the cadastral map (January 2014). Start of preparation of cadastral maps for 40 settlements. 
- Integration of the cadaster of the Ministry of Health, MIP and the Ministry of Justice (Registry Agency).
- Establishment of underground cadastre based on information from utility companies (electricity, heating, gas and communications infrastructure). 
- Refining the cadastral map by satellite capturing the territory of Bulgaria 
- Contribution to creating a Law amending the Law on Cadastre and Property Register, which was adopted by the National Assembly at the end of the month of May 2014. 
- Focus on geodesy. The creation of MIP - recognition of the importance of geodesy.
Through common site development plans - towards a sustainable urbanization 
Common site development plan /CSDP/ - barrier against corruption and "pass" to EU subsidies
MIP pursue the methodological and financial support of local government and local authorities in the preparation and approval of the CSDP of municipalities:
- Agreements to finance assignments of 39 municipalities, where there no proceedings initiated for creation of the CSDP.
- Financial and educational support of the other municipalities in the process of completion of the CSDP.
- New philosophy to the CSDP and to the urban planning. Involving citizens in setting the vision for the development of their village. Urban planning which makes everyone to feel involved.
Helping small settlements - a way to fill the "gaps" in regional development 

MIP helps to support small settlements in the execution of public works, technical infrastructure and projects with a social purpose under the Public Investment Program "Growth and Sustainable Development of the Regions": 

- 237 project proposals applied of a total amount - 78,461,440 BGN
- Of those ranked 21 proposals, which will be financed from the state budget with a total of 5.88 million BGN incl. VAT. Twelve of the successful proposals are for the rehabilitation of roads, 5 - for the Rehabilitation of public recreation areas and 4 - for the reconstruction and renovation of public buildings of social value. 

"Green light" of investment projects totaling over 755 million BGN

Twenty-seven investment projects totaling 755 658 189 BGN (incl. VAT) received a construction permit from the Ministry of Investment Planning from its establishment. Most of the building permits are for infrastructure facilities and for projects of national importance. 

Sustainable system of laws in the entire process of investment projects 

The Ministry of Investment Planning works for a clear and strategically planned vision for legislative reform that concerns the entire construction cycle - planning, design and construction.
Initiate legislative changes to ease the construction sector - offers a package of documents in order to create a system and organization in the process of construction and design, so it should be transparent and predictable.
- MIP works on updating and creating a total of 11 regulations 
- From January 6, 2014 came into force the Eurocodes for requirements of building structures.
- A system of laws and regulations for construction and urban development has been prepared (90% of completion.) 
- Regulations have been prepared for the public procurements in construction and engineering complementing the new public procurement law /PPL/.
- A concept of sustainable and environmentally friendly urban planning is under elaboration. 
- A Law amending the Law on Access to Geospatial Data has been elaborated along with the Cadastre Agency and the Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications. 

Forthcoming events: Submission for discussion and adoption of a system of laws affecting investment planning in order to harmonize with EU legislation in this area and to improve significantly the conditions and attractiveness for investment in the country. (Law on Urban Planning, Building Act, Law on Cadastre (new), Regulations and other regulations to them, new rules for fire safety, regulation for energy efficiency, ordinance for the computerization of the design process, the introduction of a national standard for sustainable construction and sustainable architecture.)

Elaboration of a new National Housing Strategy of the Republic of Bulgaria 

- MIP is preparing a new, adequate to the contemporary requirements housing policy focused on creating a "bank" of socially important municipal projects and project of a new housing code.
-Part of this concept are energy efficiency measures, constructive and sustainable refurbishment and the establishment of a fund-raising, including through European projects. 
- MIP offers the concept of social housing strategy for the next 10 years (including the creation of a fund for her) as part of government policy to integrate disadvantaged people. 
- An procedure of developing the concept of introducing a system of "Facility Management" for state-owned buildings is running. 
- A concept for resuming production of the building materials, components and systems in the country is in a process of elaboration.
Two questionnaires were prepared for the purpose of submission of proposals related to housing: 
 questionnaire submitted to all 264 municipal administrations; 
 questionnaire sent to ministries and trade organizations to study proposals for future policy development in the housing sector.
Currently is running a procedure of summarizing the proposals received. 

Easing the administrative burden - priority of the MIP
- In the approved amendments by the Council of Ministers of the Law on Amendments to the Law on Spatial Planning, the MIP proposes changes associated with administrative relief for businesses, simplification of procedures, shortening deadlines, reducing the financial burden. 
- A part of the proposed amendments are associated with specifying the rights and responsibilities of participants in the investment process in order to achieve effective protection of the public interest. 
- The Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Agency - fee reductions; opening of new reception desks in Burgas and Sofia, provision of electronic services for citizens and businesses. 
- In May, the Parliament adopted a streamlined procedure for obtaining sketches and other documents from the Cadastre Agency - they will be requested and received from anywhere in the country and via electronically. 

- A change in the same direction of the Rules for the Protection of Structures in Fire and Rules of Operation of structures during fire.

- MIP offers introduction of a template for obtaining building permits and of a template for building statistics.

Restore the presence of Bulgarian companies in traditional markets of construction and design 

MIP initiated incentives for Bulgarian construction and project-management companies: 
- The introduction of so-called. "Green Public Procurements /GPP/" for the Protected Areas;
- Development of so-called. "Tourist routes" to include as much of the country's tourism industry;
- Development of a concept for recovery of the production of building materials, components and systems in the country;
- Supporting small investors by providing them with direct access to an entire order or individual lots of it; 

Prevention of accidents of buildings and construction sites 

In Western Europe there are countries that do not have Office for National Construction Control - the control there is at the planning stage rather than at the level of construction.
The aim of MIP is Bulgaria to follow these good practices - to strengthen the preventive role of the Directorate of National Construction Control.