The Minister of Investment Planning Shall Execute the Power of the State in Four Companies

Council of Ministers of Republic of Bulgaria entrusted the Minister of Investment Planning to execute the power of the state as a sole shareholder of "GEOPLANPROEKT" J.S.C., "Research Institute of Construction - NISI" Ltd., "Research Institute of Building Materials - NIISM" Ltd. and "Cartography" Ltd. (in liquidation). So far it was within the competency of the Minister of Regional Development.

The subject of activity of the four companies corresponds to branch competence of the Ministry of Investment Planning (MIP).

MIP implements the state policy in the field of construction control, exercises governance and supervision of the overall activity corresponding to cadaster, geodesy and cartography and implements the state policy on the development of legislation in the area of public works, design and construction, and legislative harmonization with the legislative framework of the European Union.