Minister Danov: The Directorate of National Construction Control has found 4 tubes and earth embankment in the constriction of the channel to “Asparuhovo”

Bulgarian National Radio

Interview of Daniela Goleminova with Minister Ivan Danov

The Directorate of National Construction Control /DNCC/ has made a thorough check of the area between the streets "Gorna studena" and "Grivitsa", where in fact is the greatest disaster in "Asparuhovo". A regulation plan of "Asparuhovo" is made in 1992, but never entered into force,  because it was appealed. In 2012 was adopted a master territorial plan of the city of Varna. In order to anticipate the danger of a similar disaster the colleagues have already inserted a path that should stop or partly solve the problem. That was said, for the radio transmission  "12 +3" to "Horizon" by the Minister of Investment Planning Ivan Danov. The verification of DNCC  has identified 10 illegal properties near  West Guard channel:

There have been found 10 properties in the area and 10 are an illegal construction. They are the fifth category. Their removal is entirely the responsibility of the municipal administration. 40 plots of land  were studied in the rest of "Asparuhovo". These are in the so-called East Channel. Some of them are private, some of them are municipal. There also was found a considerable quantity of buildings fifth category, which were built illegally. Varna Municipality will be asked to take appropriate action.

The DNCC has found a placement of four tubes in the narrowing of the channel at its bottom. Above the pipes there is concrete and earth embankment and a construction which is similar to a bridge, but there is no documents to prove the legality of this construction. It is assumed that namely the tubes have sealed off and bulk water table as well as a railing which has accumulated discarded junk, tires and branches. The second tidal wave is caused by a van, overturned by the current in only three meters wide "street" "Gorna Studena".

The illegal construction is only a part of the problem in Varna, considers the Minister of Investment Planning.  Another problem is housing. Currently a project for accommodation in housing for people with disabilities and a new law on construction are running, aiming largely  to solve both of the above mentioned problems.